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NEWNatural Sandstone Paving Slabs

Now available from Builders Supplies Port Talbot are Natural Sandstone Paving Slabs.  Natural Sandstone Slabs give a natural and rustic looking finish to your patio or path at a economical price which you can't always achieve with manufactured slabs.  Available in 3 colours, the Natural Sandstone Slabs come in a mixture of 4 sizes to help create that authentic stone look.  Slab sizes are:

  • 900 x 600

  • 600 x 600

  • 600 x 290

  • 290 x 290





Concrete Paving Slabs

We stock a huge range of Concrete Paving Slabs suitable for all jobs and purposes, whether you require a patio area for your summer evenings, a solid driveway to park your car or even paving slabs for decoration to put the finishing touches to your Decorative Stone/Slate and Timber Decking, we have a wide variety of choice of sizes, shapes and colours.  As well as Paving Slabs we also stock Stone Walling and Edging Stones ideal to complete your paving area or path.


NEW Concrete Paving Slab Design Galleries


Trefil Paving Slabs

Rostrum Rustic Paving Slabs

Octagonal Yoredale Paving Slabs

Rectory Paving Slabs

Cobblestone Fan Paving Slabs

Sleeper Stones

Courtyard Paving Slabs


Rustic Paving Slabs

Yoredale Paving Slabs

Romani Paving Slabs

Hexagonal Rustic Paving Slabs

Courtyard Cobble Paving Slabs

Rutland Paving Slabs

Circle Paving

Slabs are available in all sizes such as:

  • 300mm x 300mm (12"x12")     450mm x 300mm (18"x12")

  • 600mm x 300mm (24"x12")     450mm x 450mm (18"x18")

  • 600mm x 450mm (24"x18")     600mm x 600mm (24"x24")

  • 750mm x 600mm (30"x24")     900mm x 600mm (36"x24")

  • Slabs to form circles, semi-circles and stepping stones

  • Slabs are available in a variety of thicknesses suitable for pedestrians and vehicles


As well as our full range of sizes, we stock a full range of designs and colours to suit any surroundings.  Colours include:

  • Rutland Autumn Gold, Mellow Stone, Courtyard Grey

  • Trefil Grey, Red, Yellow

  • Basic York Grey, Red, Yellow

  •  + many more colours and mixtures


Clay Paviors

As well as Concrete Paving Slabs we also stock another alternative suitable for driveways, paths and patios in Clay Paviors.  With a variety of colours, clay paviors are ideal for designing different patterns and layouts for your garden with quality individual bricks which you can mix and match to form your desired pattern.

Clay paviors are available in a choice of 6 colours such as:

  • Hadley Red
  • Hadley Red Brindle
  • Harvest Buff
  • Castleyard
  • Charcoal
  • Ipswich



Hadley Red      Hadley Red Brindle     Harvest Buff


Castleyard              Charcoal

* Ipswich design not shown


Channel and Gratings

Put the finishing touches to your driveway or patio area with our Channel and Grating drainage system.  Available in 1m lengths, the drainage channel is covered  by a removable steel grid that allows water to soak away without any interference from any type of debris.





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